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Hilltop Elementary School Council

September 27, 2016


The Hilltop Elementary School Council met in regular session on Tuesday, September 27th, at 7:30 am in the media center at the school.

School Council Members present: 

Dr. Ovedia Glover, Chairperson

Abby Izor, Parent Member

Katie Wilkerson, Parent member

Shannon Grieshop, Teacher/Secretary


School Council Members Absent:

Brian Wilkerson, Business Member

Nora Gibson, Parent Member

Amber Haslett, Teacher


Call to Order

Chairperson, Ovedia Glover, called the meeting to order at 7:30 am.


Approval of Agenda

Agenda for today's meeting was passed out. Motion to accept agenda of September 27, 2016 made by Kirby Davis seconded by Shannon Grieshop.


Recognition of School Council Members

Members and positions were identified.

The school council responsibilities and duties were shard and discussed. Traci Small made a motion to adopt these and Sabrina Jones seconded the motion.

Report from the Principal

Dr. Glover asked if there is anything we need at this school. Kelly Lamendola said we are doing everything perfect. Mrs. Izor said we are doing very well with military role models and mentors coming into school. Dr. Glover said we are going to be the number one community school.

Goals for school:

Izor - pushing stem - in middle school they push this more so we should have more of a foundation. Dr. Glover said that Dr. Bennett will give us more stem information as far as curriculum at the next meeting. 5th graders going to Starbase has been revamped. They are now going in the fall instead of spring. We will also have parent math and science activities at school.

School Mission and Vision - "Our mission is to produce high-achieving students by establishing high expectations for all students in a safe, consistent community that continuously pursues knowledge creating independent, global citizens." And "Our vision is to create a learning community in which faculty, students, and parents are educating for excellence." These are very profound and we will continue to reach for this. Dr. Glover states our vision each day with announcements. We are speaking it and modeling it. We are building a learning community and educating for excellence.

Dr. Glover reported that we are averaging between 630 and 640 students at school in Pre-K through 5th grade. Our Free and Reduced lunch is between 41 and 42%. CCRPI - GA milestones is very profound and we are held accountable. We moved from 72 in 2012 to 80.7 now. We are showing gains in each area and progress.  There was a drop in achievement student wide showing change in Beating the Odds (BTO) from FY15. Hilltop beat the odds by 5.4.  We are meeting our system initiative according to our population of students. For each subject area, from year to year, we show progress and make gains as a school. We now have year to year and student to student data.

We have 18 Veterans High School students coming for 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes assisting with reading. We want parents and community leaders to help with that.

Old Business

There was no old business to discuss.

New Business

At the end of September, Mrs. Story will give us media center plans.

Rigby's is having a free skate night for all Hilltop students.

Next Agenda Meeting Topics:

  • Community projects / involvement
  • Mrs. Kelly Ward - military activities for the year.
  • Reading and Math initiative ideas

Next agenda meeting topics was adopted by Larae Harrelson and seconded by Wendy Wood.


With no further business to come before the school council, the meeting was adjourned at 7:57 am.  Abby Izor made a motion to close the meeting and Kelly Lamendola seconded the motion.

{Next meeting of the Hilltop Elementary School Council will be held on November 29th at 7:30 am in the school media center.