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School Council

December 15, 2015



Attendees:  Nora Gibson, Ms. Izor, Ms. Grieshop, Dr. Glover, Dr. Bennett, Amber Haslett, Amy Williams


Meeting called to order by Ms. Gibson (5:03) and Ms. Gibson seconded it.


Meeting notes from last meeting passed out.  Motion to accept minutes of November 17, 2015 by Ms. Grieshop and seconded by Ms. Izor.


Military partnership - We have five military mentors assigned to our school and to five students.  Work together on homework, discuss deployment.    They come once every three weeks to meet with the students.

Military & family life counselor, Dr. Shannon Butts, will be at HES two and half days per week.  She offers short-term, non-medical counseling services to children, parents, faculty and staff.  Handout was reviewed about her counseling responsibilities.  


Houston County At-Risk Profile - At-Risk Profile  Training not implemented yet.  District's profile of student performance will be reviewed at the training.  Will look at student data to review student performance/strengths/areas of growth.  


Parent Curriculum Meetings - Will be scheduled by grade-level to present progress, expectations and any questions.


Curriculum and Assessment Updates - Dr. Bennett reported various information about the GA Milestones.


Check to see if Ms. Avery has the school council dates on HES Facebook.  Conversation about how we can get more parents involved in the School Council meetings.


Next meeting is February 16, 2015


Agenda for February 16, 2015 :


Motion to change the Feb 16 meeting time to 7:30 a.m. by Ms. Williams, second by Ms. Izor.

Review how 3rd grade parent meeting went and inform dates of the 4th and 5th parent meetings

Check with Starbase (Museum of Aviation)  about doing a STEM night at HES  (3rd, 4th, 5th grade appropriate?)

Houston County At-Risk Profile - 


Motion to adjourn by Ms. Haslett at 6:04; second by Ms. Williams