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Hilltop Elementary School Council
February 28, 2017

The Hilltop Elementary School Council met in regular session on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, at 7:30 a.m. in the media center at the school.

School Council Members present:

Abby Izor, Chairperson
Brian Wilkerson, Business Member
Dr. Ovedia Glover, Principal
Dr. Ruth Bennett, Assistant Principal of Instruction
Wanda Stafford, Counselor
Shannon Grieshop, Teacher/Secretary
Amber Haslett, Teacher
Jessica Story, Media Specialist
Wendy Wood, Paraprofessional/Parent

School Council Members Absent:
Katie Wilkerson, Parent member

Call to Order

Chairperson, Abby Izor, called meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.
Reviewed last meeting's minutes. There is no error in the titles. Abby Izor motioned to adopt the minutes from the last meeting. Brian Wilkerson seconded the motion.

Approval of Agenda
Agenda for today's meeting was passed out. Motion to accept agenda of February 28, 2017, made by Dr. Ruth Bennett and seconded by Wanda Stafford.

Welcome/Opening Activity
Dr. Glover said that this is our third successful school council meeting this year. She is feeling very good about it.


HES Reading Initiatives

• The system goal for this year is literacy, so we have set up reading initiatives for each grade level. There are still some students behind and we are placing more interventions for them to be proficiently learning with more strategies and initiatives.

• Read Across America week is this week. Monday was Tacky Tourist Day, Today is Pajama Day, Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday, Thursday is hat day, and Friday is character day. Students are invited to dress up every day. There is a trivia each morning.

• We had 137 Six Flags reading logs turned in. The students had to read 36 hours.

• Library now has volunteers for every day of the week, so we can keep the library open more. There is an increase in students checking out books.

• We had over 250 students to participate in Winter Wonderland.

• The Big Top Literacy night had a magician and an author. Mrs. Seamans did a great job heading that.

• We will have another reading initiative in March.

• Mrs. Story said that coming to Hilltop has been great and the excitement for reading was already here.
Stem Activities

• Hilltop Science Club along with Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Seamans, Ms. Hare, and Mr. McMurran (a parent volunteer) went to the Science Olympiad. This is an event throughout the county where students get to compete against other schools. Big thanks to the science club, teachers, and parents for representing and placing at this event.

• To be a STEM school, 75% of the teachers must be math or science endorsed.

• Mrs. Franz' class has a STEM activity at the Crow's Nest coming up.

• 5th graders go to Starbase each year.

• Mrs. Izor said that the Museum of Aviation had a competition in January for Middle Schools and was surprised to find out that some elementary schools competed as well.
Write Score Data & Georgia Milestones

• Write Score is practice for the Georgia Milestones reading and writing. The Write Score was given at the end of January and beginning of February. Teachers can look at the scores and plan remediation and enrichment accordingly. It is scored by a nonbiased party. Scores are broken up by specific standards. Teachers are provided exemplar writing pieces, a picture of where the student is and where they should be. It gives teachers a list of students by who needs remediation and what area (ex. Conclusions / Getting readers attention). If transitional words are needed by the majority of the students, then a whole class lesson can be provided. Write Score provides PowerPoints and resources to help remediate and these resources can be used throughout the school year.

• The cost of the reading and writing for Write Score is about $1000 per grade level.

• Teachers would like to do the Write Score assessment twice which would be another $3,000. They would like to do it earlier in the school year and then again in January to see the growth.

• Write Score gives a great snapshot of what kids did that day. It is modeled and formatted exactly like the Georgia milestones. It provides an online testing environment.

• Stamina in online testing environment is something some students have trouble with. It is 60 minutes long. With the Write Score, students get idea of what that feels like.

• Georgia Milestones is three weeks of testing in April.

• 5th grade tests first. They test in all content areas April 10 - 14 and 17. Math and Language Arts is broken down into 2 sections.

• 3rd grade is April 18 - 21. They only test ELA and Math. No science or social studies this year. 4/18, they will have ELA part 1 (writing); 4/19 ELA part 2; 4/20 Math part 1; and 4/21 math part 2.

• 4th grade is April 24 - 27.

• GA Milestones is administered in the morning and the afternoon. Teachers have known since January if they were morning or afternoon and where they would test so their students can have experience with correct device and do Writers Workshop and Math in the labs.

• We need less volunteers and testers for the GA Milestones than we did for the CRCT, but it is for a longer length of times - 3 weeks.

• Gate Grades - 3rd is a gate grade for reading. 5th is a gate grade for reading and math.

• There are different kinds of questions -
o Norm Referenced Questions - GA students compared to United States students.
o GA Based Standards Questions
o Field Test Questions

• Norm Referenced questions don't count as GA score unless it matches GA content.

• Questions can be:
o Selected response (not multiple choice)
o Constructed response - 4 to 5 sentences answering a question about a passage or explaining a math problem.
o Extended Writing Prompt - read 2 passages and write answer to question.
o Writing - information / opinion genre - 7 points total, 4 points for ideas/organization and 3 points for conventions and spelling.
o Technology enhanced answers such as 2 choices instead of just 1 answer. Students must read carefully to know what question is asking.

• There are resources available on the Hilltop Website such as study guides and assessment manuals.

• 2nd grade technology club's goal is to help students become familiar with the keyboard and typing responses for 3rd grade.

• Hilltop Drama Team Performance: March 6 and March 7. Mr. Parsons and Mrs. Small have put this together.

• Hawk Walk is March 24th. This is the very last fundraiser of the year. We have no negative balance right now. Specials teachers are spearheading the Hawk Walk this year. There will be activities and music. Parents are invited. It is during specials. Dr. Glover is going to talk to specials teachers to find out their goal and ask them to advertise so parents will know if we have reached our goal. We are looking for sponsors for the Hawk Walk. In the past we have had face paint, dunking booth, and hair spraying with color.

• Field Day is May 9 for lower grades and May 10th for higher grades. They may purchase ribbons this year. There is also a book fair scheduled for the same week 5/8 - 12th. This year Field Day is only half a day. In the future we may have all day. Pickles are a big hit. Parapros are going to work concession.

• Next year is an exciting year for Hilltop. It is our 10 year anniversary. We will have a school dedication. We are looking forward to next year. We have the best school.

• We will have 1 more meeting this year. It will be May 2nd.

• Kudos to Mrs. Story for her resources and cutesy ideas. She has been preparing for the job fair and has created the 1st Hilltop picture book. It tells our story. Children who cannot be photographed aren't in this book.

• PTO - we really don't have a PTO right now. Last Friday, Dr. Glover received confirmed conversation that we do not have one. Since it is not efficiently operational right now, it is on hold until new officers can be elected for next year. We need a good president to tell Dr. Glover when to come to meetings and that can handle the growth and diversity of our school. We can't touch any of the money or anything. Someone who can be the president for several years would be great. They are going to require three people on the checkbook - president, treasurer, and teacher liaison. We want a diverse PTO. All means all. We will notify parents in April of election in May.

• We enrolled 4 or 5 new students last week. We are growing. The neighborhood is growing. We have high expectations and demands. We are expecting growth for the next 15 years.

• Wendi Wood

Old Business
There was no old business to discuss.

New Business

Next Agenda Meeting Topics:
• Finalize Field Day Activities
• Opening of School year - 10 year anniversary dedication.
• Report on any GA Milestone data received


With no further business to come before the school council, the meeting was adjourned at 8:18 a.m. Wendy Wood made a motion to close the meeting and Brian Wilkerson seconded the motion.

(Next meeting of the Hilltop Elementary School Council will be held on May 2nd at 7:30 a.m. in the school media center.)