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School Council Minutes February 2018

Hilltop Elementary School Council

February 13, 2018

The Hilltop Elementary School Council met in regular session on Tuesday, February 13, 2017, at 7:30 a.m. in the media center at the school.

School Council Members Present:

Dr. Ovedia Glover, Principal

Dr. Ruth Bennett, Assistant Principal of Instruction

Shannon Grieshop, Teacher

Amber Haslett, Teacher

Sandy Sawyer, Teacher

Brian Fleming, Parent

Quincy Gonder, Parent

Call to Order

Sandy Sawyer called meeting to order at 7:30 a.m. Amber Haslet seconded.

Dr. Bennett welcomed everyone for coming.

I-Stations -

The county received a grant and purchased I Station program for Kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms. This also included two wonderful ladies who help oversee the program, 25 I-pads, 3 laptop carts, new teacher workstations, and new flat screens for each class in these grades.

Mr. Fleming said that the new flat screens need a new video card which is why they had to update the teacher workstations.

I-Station overview video was watched.

Students receive one half hour per week in reading and math. They are assessed each month. Students who need extra support are placed on tiers to get more instruction and time on I-Station.

Resources are provided for teachers for instructional purpose as well as reports that show student growth.

Houston County was one of 2 school districts chosen by state.

If the program is so good - why not implement this in grades 3, 4, and 5. After February 20th, grades 3-5 will have access to this as well. Each grade level will have their own cart - purchased last week. Downfall - students that are identified with an IEP cannot have access to I-Stations because this is supposed to stop students from needing an EIP. We have the largest population of special education. Obstacles we face (Free and reduced lunch, population) aren't as low as other schools.

2nd Step

 2nd step is also a system initiative. We have EBD program. Title 1 program have a lot of behavior problems. Behavior intervention. Good vs. Bad behavior. Each teacher has their own kits. Lower grades (K-2) have puppets. There are characters, videos and songs to go along with the lessons.

Grades 3 - 5 have worksheets and activities.

We introduce lesson on Mondays.

Dr. Wynn met with PBIS team to discuss rubric to refer students to 2nd step including data such as office referrals and counselor referrals.

Mrs. Mims and Mrs. Waller are here on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays each week to help us implementing this.

We are keeping newer smart boards that were purchased with school funds to use in upper grades that need them.

2nd step is social emotional learning.

We are going to spotlight students on the board for positive behavior focusing on 2nd Step characters.

SOAR party is Friday - additional from Specials. Students will remember having both.

Pre-K applied for grant to purchase 2nd step.

GA Milestones

April 9-13 & 16 is 5th grade

April 17 -20 is 3rd grade

April 23-27 is 4th grade

Hoping with new carts that everyone can test in the morning so they are all fresh and doing their best.

MAP testing just finished. 2nd and 4th assesses reading and math 3 times a year. This gives a score and compares growth, projects who should be proficient and who needs more help. This shows teachers where to group students to enrich and remediate. Reports are available.

3-5 just finished Write Score. This is an online test that mirrors milestones in reading and writing. Writing is graded by Write Score Company. It groups who needs what skills to help focus on instruction. It shows student response so you can show students how to improve. Evidence of what they did helps so students can see what needs to be done. Also has already made lessons to help with teaching.

Writing across county isn't where it should be. How GA Milestones asks them to write narratives is different than what we ask. They are used to doing personal narrative not a narrative based on a passage they read.


Izor moved to England

Nora Gibson hasn't been present lately.

Asked Gonder and Fleming to look for 2 more parents to join the team that love Hilltop

Celebrate Mr. Fleming's wife - she was chosen to represent the county for science.

Amber Haslett made motion to close. Sandy Sawyer seconded motion.