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School Council Minutes December 2018


Hilltop Elementary School Council

December 5, 2018

The Hilltop Elementary School Council met in regular session on December 5, 2018, at 7:30 a.m. in the media center at the school.

School Council Members Present:

Dr. Ovedia Glover, Principal

Dr. Ruth Bennett, Assistant Principal of Instruction

Shannon Grieshop, Teacher

Amber Haslett, Teacher

Sandy Sawyer, Teacher

Sabrina Jones, Teacher

Brian Fleming, Parent

Brian Herrington, Parent

Jayden Jackson, Student Council Member

Kylie Cox, Student Council Member

Parker Boone, Student Council Member

Leslie Hall, Student Council Member

Tahlor Glover, Student Council Member

Analea Harper, Student Council Member

Call to Order

Dr. Glover made motion to call meeting to order at 7:33 a.m. Shannon Grieshop seconded.


Dr. Glover welcomed everyone to our second School Council meeting this year. She announced that a special club, the student council, was meeting our school council.


Pledge was led by Analea Harper.


Kylie Cox welcomed school council and expressed appreciation from school council.


Jayden Jackson explained school council's purpose. These students learn valuable skills in school council to help make them successful.

Parker Boone talked about school and the SOAR program. He explained that both teachers and students respect each other. He talked about clubs and DOJO celebrations. He said, "It is great to be a Hilltop Hawk."

Dr. Glover mentioned Jayden Jackson went to the board office to represent the school. In March, the School Council will be traveling to Tifton to a Step Up and Lead conference.

School Data Report

CCRPI School Climate Rating - We were given a handout with our CCRPI School Climate Rating. Mr. Herrington represented us for data. A survey was administered in which all parents are encouraged to take. The student survey must have at least 80% of it completed by March 5th. We have begun preparations for the survey.  There is also a link sent to parents. The highest a school can score is 5 stars. We are very excited about the survey. We anticipate positive and honest feedback about the school.   We have increased our scores over the last three years. Next year, we would like a 5 Star. FY18 we had a 4 star. FY17 we had a 3 star. FY16 we had a 3 star.

CCRPI School Score - This is a report card for the school based on GA Milestones data. Attendance also plays a big part. Tardies and truancy hurts the school. In Grades 3, 4, and 5 the curriculum includes reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. We scored 82.5 in 2018 on the School CCRPI score, 2017- 79.8, 2016- 84.4, and 2015- 80.7. Our scores decreased in 2017, but the calculations changed. We have to be flexible with the number of students who took the test. 82.5 is very good. We are very competitive and want to be at the top. We are more than a number. Our test scores were 2nd highest in the district this year all due to the best teachers, best faculty and staff, best parents, and best community. 87 was the highest score.

School Projects/Fundraisers

We want to complete the following school projects:

1.       Playground equipment - this is number one priority.

2.       Digital Marquee - Mrs. Story does a great job changing the sign, but it is safer to have a digital marquee. The lowest price is around $17,000.

3.       A projector and screen for HES cafeteria.

4.       Outdoor Learning Station - $5-7,000

5.       Portable Performance Stage - we have been borrowing a stage from Lake Joy. We need our own.

Student Council needs your help. We would love to have a sign for safety. Ex.  "Please Slow Down" sponsored by student council.

Last Tuesday, Student Council went to other schools and looked at their facilities. It will take $25-$50,000 for a nice playground. All fundraising monies will go towards a new playground for next year.

On December 14th, the Drama Club will be performing Lights, Camera, Christmas at 7:00 p.m. They will raise this money to help fund the stage for next year. Drama Club will be presenting another show in the spring.


School-Wide Fundraisers -

  • November/December - Just Give - parents can donate any amount. BMS SPOTS program does this every year. It runs through December 15th.
  • December - Parent's Night Out - parents can shop while we watch their children, 30 kids on the list so far. There will be popcorn, a movie, dancing, karaoke, and a sock hop.
  • February - HES Hearts at the Top Dance - Mrs. Sawyer coordinates this with Mrs.Coticchio. It will be during the school day so all have an opportunity to attend. All students means all students and some can't come back to school for the dance. This suggestion was part of the survey. We will be selling pizza, corsages, and pictures. We plan to ask for donations with help getting boys' bow ties and girls' tutus.
  • March - HES Boosterthon
  • May - HES 5K Run/Walk - Fleming and Thomas are taking over the 5K. Flyers are going home this week.


Our first state walkthrough was awesome. We have incentives in place for students and we have received verbal feedback. Four teachers and Dr. Wynn are at a conference in Atlanta, December 5-6. We are following Safety First practice on a daily basis.


Dr. Glover made motion to close and Amber Haslett seconded motion.