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School Council

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School Council


Hilltop Elementary School Council  2015-2016

School Council Members

Norma Gibson

Abby Izor

Stephanie Pickett

Amy Williams

Teacher Rep – Amber Haslett

Principal – Dr. Ovedia Glover

 Assistant Principal for Instruction – Dr. Ruth Bennett

Assistant Principal for Discipline – Dr. Jennifer Wynn

Secretary- Shannon. Grieshop




School Council Meeting Dates:

 Tuesday, December 15, 2015@ 5:00pm – HES Media Center

 Tuesday, Febuary 25,2016@ 5:00pm – HES Media Center



School Council   December 15, 2015  Minutes


Attendees: Nora Gibson, Ms. Izor, Ms. Grieshop, Dr. Glover, Dr. Bennett, Amber Haslett, Amy Williams


 Meeting called to order by Ms. Gibson (5:03) and Ms. Gibson seconded it.




Meeting notes from last meeting passed out. Motion to accept minutes of November 17, 2015 by Ms. Grieshop and seconded by Ms. Izor.




Military partnership – We have five military mentors assigned to our school and to five students. Work together on homework, discuss deployment.   They come once every three weeks to meet with the students.


Military & family life counselor, Dr. Shannon Butts, will be at HES two and half days per week. She offers short-term, non-medical counseling services to children, parents, faculty and staff. Handout was reviewed about her counseling responsibilities.




Houston County At-Risk Profile – At-Risk Profile Training not implemented yet. District’s profile of student performance will be reviewed at the training. Will look at student data to review student performance/strengths/areas of growth.




Parent Curriculum Meetings – Will be scheduled by grade-level to present progress, expectations and any questions.




Curriculum and Assessment Updates – Dr. Bennett reported various information about the GA Milestones.




Check to see if Ms. Avery has the school council dates on HES Facebook. Conversation about how we can get more parents involved in the School Council meetings.




Next meeting is February 16, 2016




Agenda for February 16, 2016 :


Motion to change the Feb 16 meeting time to 7:30 a.m. by Ms. Williams, second by Ms. Izor.


Review how 3rd grade parent meeting went and inform dates of the 4th and 5th parent meetings


Check with Starbase (Museum of Aviation) about doing a STEM night at HES (3rd, 4th, 5th grade appropriate?)


Houston County At-Risk Profile –


Motion to adjourn by Ms. Haslett at 6:04; second by Ms. Williams





School Council  February 25, 2016  Minutes

Attendees: Ms. Izor, Dr. Wynn, Dr. Glover, Ms. Grieshop, Ms. Haslett

Meeting called to order by Dr. Glover and Ms. Grieshop seconded it.

Meeting notes from last meeting passed out. Motion to accept minutes of December 15, 2015 by Ms. Grieshop and seconded by Ms. Izor.

Curriculum Parent Nights – Third grade had good participation. 4th grade had about 8 participants. 5th grade had no parent participation. This may be due to the fact that they already knew about the test from prior years. We are going to continue to push for parental involvement.

STEM Parent Night – HES – March 10 – 5:30 - 6:30 – People from the base will come out and put up an inflatable and activities for science and math. Information starting to go out this week regarding these activities.

HARP Update – Identified 25% of population that really needs remediation and those who don’t show their full potential. We don’t qualify for Title 1 and our scores are still lower than we want. The students don’t show major deficits. The reason for scores could be parental involvement at home and student motivation. There are a lot of external factors we cannot control. We will be positive and praise students when successful. It is shared responsibility with parents and teachers. We cannot accept excuses. Another idea to increase student motivation is competitions within classrooms and within grade levels.

Remediation and Tutorial Plans – This plan is for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades during the school days. This hour will be purposeful, meaningful tutoring. Materials are being provided.

New Information:

New Hires – Third grade has a new teacher (Mrs. Denise Easterling) to replace a teacher who resigned. Special Education has a new interrelated teacher (Ms. Stephanie Swain) to replace Mrs. Jones who was promoted.

Parent Survey – We sent home flyers about the survey. We will check with Mrs. Avery to see if we can send the link out on our Facebook page. The client survey window has been extended.

School Activities –

                Star Base – This started yesterday and provides STEM activities for 5th grade students. Star base has a Facebook page that already has pictures of our students who attended yesterday.

                HES Drama Team – February 26-27 – Mr. Parsons and Mrs. Small have led the drama team. This is already a huge success. The first showing is today at 9 a.m. Over 100 middle school students are coming this morning. PTO is supporting us by providing popcorn and drinks. The goal was to sell 200 tickets. We have sold over 150 for Friday and 100 for Saturday.

                HES Wagon Parade – March 2 – Mrs. Avery is leading this. The theme is Dr. Seuss.

                Hawk Walk – March 25 – All funds go to the school. We will provide music and concessions for that day as well.

                GMAS Assessment Dates – Testing window for fifth grade opens April 11th, third grade opens April 18th, and fourth grade opens April 25th.

Agenda for last meeting:

School council positions for next year. Ms. Izor will be here because she is serving a two year term. We need a business partner and another parent. We plan to have the election for next school term at the last meeting.

We will meet at 7:30 again. Flyers and all calls will be sent out to push for participation.

Review GMAS Assessments if they are back.

Review projections for next year for teacher student ratio. We have 650 students currently.

Motion to adjourn by Ms. Haslett; second by Dr. Wynn.