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School Council Minutes Nov. 2016

Hilltop Elementary School Council

November 29, 2016


The Hilltop Elementary School Council Met in regular session on Tuesday, November 29th, at 7:30 am in the media center at the school.

 School Council Members present:

Abby Izor, Chairperson

Dr. Ovedia Glover, Principal

Sabrina Jones, Teacher

Wendi Wood, Paraprofessional/Parent

Traci Small, Teacher

Jessica Story, Media Specialist

Amber Haslett, Teacher

Ruth Bennett, Vice Principal

LaRae Harrelson, P.E. Teacher

Wanda Stafford, Counselor

  School Council Members Absent:

Katie Wilkerson, Parent member

Brian Wilkerson, Business Member

Shannon Grieshop, Teacher/Secretary

Call to Order

 Principal, Ovedia Glover, called the meeting to order at 7:32 am.

Reviewed last meeting's minutes. There is an error in the titles.

Approval of Agenda

Agenda for today's meeting was passed out. Motion to accept agenda of November 29, 2016 made by LaRae Harrelson and seconded by Abby Izor.

Welcome/Opening Activity

Staff and students express what they are thankful for.

Community Projects and Involvement

  • Collecting 500 cans of Black eyed peas
  • Christmas Holiday Gifts for 7 families in need
  • MDA Lock-up


Military Activities for the 2016-2017 School Year

  • Students preformed in the talent show (both nights)
  • RAFB Mentors will be coming Dec. 1st (Returning from deployment, currently deployed, future deployment)
  • Purple Up Week (April 3rd-7th)
  • After-School Camp (April 4th)
  • Kelli Ward works with students T/TH, alternates Fridays

Reading and Math Initiatives

Our reading/math initiatives are going well. Growth will be assessed in December. At a previous meeting with Dr. Glover, Mr. Hornyak has shared some data that shows how our school is growing. We will continue to monitor this growth.

Math tutoring is offered for grades 3rd-5th, every other week. See Mrs. Sawyer for tutoring info; students were chosen based on recommendation.

Parent's Night Out is December 2nd, 4-7. This event is sponsored by BST.

Reading Wonderland has started. Students have two months to read 20 hours. The celebration will be December 14th between 9 and 12. Mrs. Story for more information.

Mrs. Story mentioned the need for volunteers to help with checkout in the library on T/Th. They must have a background check through the school.

4th Grade parent night is Tuesday, December 6th from 5-6. Curriculum and strategies will be discussed and shared with parents.

5th Grade parent night is December 13th, from 5-6.

K, 1st and 2nd grade parent nights will occur after January.

Literacy Night will be held on January 12th. All grades will present reading strategies to parents. Supper and a magician as well as other activities will occur.

Other: HES Student Council-Mrs. Sabrina Jones

Student Council members, President, Goldie Haskell and Vice-President, Ainsley Wood attended. Student Council has 16 members. They sponsored and volunteered during the Thanksgiving Luncheon. Their next event is the Christmas Luncheon. They are also sponsoring a dance on Dec. 9th for 3rd-5th grade. The proceeds will be split between the Wounded Warrior Project and Middle Georgia Food Bank.

Goldie and Ainsley each read a speech in which they described their goals for Hilltop. Examples were overhangs for the benches to provide shade on the playground and new playground equipment.

Dr. Glover wants to work with Student Council to construct an outdoor lunch area for students.


Old Business

There was no old business to discuss.

New Business

Next Agenda Meeting Topics:

  • Georgia Milestone
  • Analyze Math and reading Data
  • Closing activities for the end of school year


With no further business to come before the school council, the meeting was adjourned at 7:56 am. Abby Izor made a motion to close the meeting and Amber Haslett seconded the motion.

{Next meeting of the Hilltop Elementary School Council will be held on February 28th at 7:30 am in the school media center.}