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School Council Election Minutes May 2017

Hilltop Elementary School Council

May 2, 2017

The Hilltop Elementary School Council met in regular session on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, at 7:30 a.m. in the media center at the school.

School Council Members Present:

Abby Izor, Chairperson

Dr. Ovedia Glover, Principal

Shannon Grieshop, Teacher/Secretary

Sandy Sawyer, Teacher

Amber Haslett, Teacher

Candice Clair, Teacher

Shaun Parsons, Teacher

Jessica Story, Media Specialist

Sabrina Jones, Teacher

Valerie Barnwell, Teacher

School Council Members Absent:

Brian Wilkerson, Business Member

Katie Wilkerson, Parent Member

Call to Order

Chairperson, Abby Izor, called meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.

Reviewed last meeting's minutes. There is an error in the amount of hours the students have to read for the Six Flags Reading Log. It should read 6 hours not 36 hours per Mrs. Story. There are no other errors in the titles. Motion to adopt the minutes from last meeting was made by Jessica Story. Amber Haslett seconded the motion.

Approval of Agenda

Agenda for today's meeting was passed out. Motion to accept agenda of May 2, 2017, was made by Abby Izor and seconded by Amber Haslett.

Welcome/opening Activity

Dr. Glover thanked everyone for attending the last School Council meeting of this year. We only had one or two meetings last school year. This year we had four. Thank you to Mrs. Izor for being an active member and part of the team. This is what School Council is all about - Collaboration and getting parents involved. We wish we had 100 but where 1 or 2 are gathered. Thanks to teachers who came this morning. She likes to send surprise emails inviting teachers. We will be celebrating teachers each day this week for Teacher Appreciation Week. Thanks to all of our teachers.

Georgia Milestones Assessment and Results

The unofficial scores are coming in but they cannot be shared with teachers or parents at this time. They have a window of the Science and Social Studies results. No gate scores are here yet for reading, writing, or math. Hopefully by Friday they will have some grades.

Georgia Milestones Assessment Remediation Plan

Remediation starts next week. It is isolated in that teachers work one on one or with small groups. The 2nd assessment is all multiple choice instead of writing out answers for reading. Teachers are responsible for giving the remediation plan. When Dr. Glover taught during remediation they did reading and math all day instead of science and social studies. They will retest the third week of May.

Summer Reading Plan

Reading ELA Workshop Team is giving away books for students to take home. A mobile reading lab will be available. She is asking teachers to put something together for students to read over summer. Ice Cream celebration in the fall for summer reading logs. Dr. Glover will have a box of books that students can choose to borrow from in the school foyer. Dr. Glover will donate her time on Wednesdays, from 8:00 a.m. to noon and students can read in the foyer and borrow books. Teachers can sign up for various days and times to open this up more often for children. Dr. Glover will get another flyer to parents about donating books for this purpose.

HES 10 Year Anniversary

Some things we are planning are courtyard in back, tables outside, touch up paint, painting walls, and make SOAR posters visible. Dr. Glover made a motion to nominate Mrs. Sawyer to create positive notes to students in restrooms. Mrs. Grieshop seconded. Mrs. Haslett volunteered to help Mrs. Sawyer. Dr. Glover is meeting with someone at the end of the week to discuss a large rug in the foyer. She is going to have a concrete layered slab (due to drainage it will probably be multiple smaller slabs) to place 6 to 8 tables - enough for 2 classes at time. Mrs. Izor will play a role with either the ceremony, communicating with parents, food, or décor. They will get together over the summer. The date for the celebration will come from the board office. Dr. Glover would like to have shirts for staff that have a 10 on the back.

End of Year Events:

Grade Level Class Celebration

Clubs/Groups Celebrations

Field Day - May 9 and may 10

2nd Grade Musical Performance - May 11, 2017 at 6p.m.

BST Meeting - May 16, 2017

Faculty Meeting - May 17, 2017

Fun-In-The-Sun Reading Celebration - May 18, 2017

School wide SOAR celebration - May 19, 2017

Fifth Grade Ceremony - Monday, May 22, 2017

Last Day of School - Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dr. Glover has already received the calendar templates for next school year from the board. Teachers have until May 12th to resign or transfer to another school. Dr. Glover doesn't want to move any teachers in the building if she doesn't have to. But she will do what is best for the school. We are going to be a team. We do have some people leaving, but that is Human Resources department. Her role is to just hire.

Mrs. Izor said that she is on RAFB Wife's page and some moms want to get together and help any way they can. Dr. Glover said she will hold a Parent Collaboration meeting for parents the last week after Field Day to see if any volunteers for PTO positions.

Field Day we will have dunking booth, face painting, colored hair spray, corn hole, pickles, nacho cheese, candy, hot dogs, slushy machine. Book fair will be open during field day.


With no further business to come before the school council, the meeting was adjourned at 8:03 am. Abby Izor made a motion to close the meeting and Candace Clair seconded the motion.