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Tuesday, September19th, 2017


People in Attendance: Ms. Clark, Mrs. Sawyer, Dr. Bennett, Mrs. Izor, Mr. Fleming (Parent), Mrs. Watson (Parent), Mr. Gonder (Parent), Dr. Glover

Reviewed Mission and Vision

Class Counts: 660 students

School Improvement Plan: $15,000 raised from Cookie Dough fundraiser last year

Reviewed Data-CCRPI=85%

All teachers certified

MEI (Microsoft) training


New Instructional Purchases

Mobymax-web-based, all content areas

Vocabulary/spelling city-parallels classroom instruction (words their way)

Brainpop-video based


Discipline Program




  • School-wide 10 year anniversary celebration, Board members invited, Mrs. Izor will make a 3-5 minute speech.
  • Gonder/Fleming to build steps for 5th grade graduation ceremony
  • Math tutoring needed for 5th grade
  • Parent night out coming up
  • Map testing to be discussed at next meeting