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School Council Meeting Notes

November 14, 2017

Student Council Election and New Members -

Ms. Jones introduced Blaine Black, 4th grade president, and Tyler Brothers, 4t grade secretary to school council.  Andrew Medina is fifth grade president.  No one ran for spokesman for student council so they may appoint one.  They have served as hosts for the 10 year HES Anniversary celebration.  Upcoming events they will serve at are Thanksgiving luncheon, Christmas luncheon.  They will host a Student Council dance on Friday, December 15, for 3rd, 4th, 5th students.  The money raised from the dance will be used to defray the cost of student council members attending Rock Eagle conference center.  They have 21 fourth and fifth grade student council members.  Approximate cost for the trip to Rock Eagle with the chartered bus is $1000.  The cost listed on the web-site to attend Rock Eagle is $40 per student.


CCRPI Score -

HES is 79.8.  System Score is 79.5.


Technology Data Usage -

Moby Max minutes in October for the school- 46,695 minutes  Top classrooms in 3rd - Haslett; 4th - Tiffany Smith; 5th - Pamela Clark


Morning Max -

Third, fourth and fifth grade students are attending the 7:45 a.m. sessions to use the computers to work on Moby Max.  The computer lab is full of students most mornings and overflow students go to room 115.  Thanks to Ms. Barnwell, Ms. Bracy and Mr. Shomotun for monitoring these sessions!


Reading and Math Night -

Big Top Literacy and Math:  The Greatest Night on Earth; January 11, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.; Mike Fuller, magician, will perform during dinner.  Door decorating 'circus theme' contest for classroom teachers.  Dinner is free (hot dogs, chips, drinks).  Available for purchase: cotton candy, frosties, popcorn.  Teachers will present math and reading strategies to parents for math and reading to help with student academic achievement.


10 year Anniversary Celebration -

Thank you for all your support in making this a great night.


Parent's Night Out -

Friday, December 1; 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.  Flyers have gone home.  Leadership team will monitor students during this event.


Reading Celebrations -

Ms. Story reported about the 'reading wonderland extravaganza' to be held on Dec 15.  Deadline for forms is December 12 for students completing the 20 hour reading challenge.  Volunteers are needed.

Ms. Melanson is sponsoring a 'reading challenge' for students to meet their self-identified reading goal by December.  The students that meet their reading goals will be invited to a pajama day, hot chocolate, and special treat time.