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School Council Minutes September 2018


Hilltop Elementary School Council

September 13, 2018

The Hilltop Elementary School Council met in regular session on Thursday, September 13, 2018, at 7:30 a.m. in the media center at the school.

School Council Members Present:

Dr. Ovedia Glover, Principal

Dr. Ruth Bennett, Assistant Principal of Instruction

Shannon Grieshop, Teacher

Amber Haslett, Teacher

Sandy Sawyer, Teacher

Jessica Story, Media Specialist

Wendy Wood, PTO Secretary

Brian Herrington, Parent

Angela Burke, Parent

Candy Richcreek, Parent

Erika Ramirez, Parent

Randy Smith, Parent

Shayla Cantysmith, Parent

Quincy Gonder, Parent

Call to Order

Amber Haslett called meeting to order at 7:33 a.m. Shannon Grieshop seconded.

Opening and Introductions

Dr. Glover welcomed everyone and expressed how excited she is to start a great year. One of our norms is to start and end on time. Everyone introduced themselves.

Mission and Vision

The Mission and vision was read quietly by everyone present and then it was read aloud. Dr. Ruth Bennett said it looks good. We are implementing and practicing our mission and vision each day. Dr. Glover explained that she states a condensed version of the vision each morning as follows, "Our vision is to create a learning community educating for excellence." We discussed if we should verbally say that or the entire vision. Ms. Haslett teaches her students that it's everyone's job to create that community. Herrington and Richcreek said the condensed version was good. Mr. Herrington said we do a good job here.


School Improvement Plan

We have to do a school improvement plan every year. This takes in our areas of strengths and weaknesses. We are a year behind in data because of GA Milestones results. The accountability specialist, Mr. Hornyak met with Dr. Glover and we have the following things to celebrate: Grades 3-5 writing on GMAS assessment, Students who retook the test did a fabulous job following 2 weeks of intense intentional remediation and instruction. They said we should write a book about how to remediate. During that remediation crunch time we had all hands on deck. Kudos to the teachers in our building. Teachers get one week for their appreciation week, but we need to thank teachers every day. They make it happen. Thanks for your time, energy, and effort.

School Initiatives


Professional Learning Communities are meeting with fidelity. We're really honing in on learning communities. This is an ongoing process of planning and learning for the benefit of teacher and students. We are growing as faculty, staff, and administration. Content, curriculum standards, essential standards, rigorous - comments and feedback operational - all about student learning and success at school. Big push last year. We have always had PLCs but planning ahead of time and sign in sheets with outline for the day is new.

Academic Opportunity / Hawk Time

This is flexible scheduling with intense intentional instructional opportunity from 8:30 - 9:00 working to enrich or remediate. Depends on needs of class. Teachers may be working with individual or with groups as we move into the year, they may become more fluid. Teachers may send higher kids and lower kids to other classes for intense instruction. Amber Haslet explained that this does not look the same in each classroom or from week to week. Teachers take constant data and move students due to their needs.

Shayla Cantysmith asked has it already started and does the teacher provide progress to parents. Amber Haslett responded that this has already started and that this time is incorporated to remediate or accelerate students on standards that they are already sending progress home to parents about.

Standards Based Instruction

We learn best through collaboration. We retain more through repetition. Often remind we are held accountable in the classroom and what it looks like. Tiers - any problems with readiness. They are looking forward to coming into classrooms and looking for anchor walls. Going to start going into classrooms next week to get to know kids and us.

Teacher / Student Data

Give assessments and provide feedback to students and parents. Right now you get progress report and report cars. Data notebooks for teachers and students. Consistency with teachers. Varies by grade level. System and state guidelines. Documenting evidence the kids are setting goals in data notebooks. Based on HCLI data, evidence and resources using other resources as well. Amber Haslett explained that in 3rd grade kids can lead and tell during conference thereby taking ownership of their learning.


Technology Instructions

School wide I Stations - reading writing math. Monthly assessment Tier 1, 2, and 3 for instruction. Program sorts as needed. K - 3 will be reporting as school for state.

School Projects

School Safety

Honing in on safety of school. Buzzers will soon be on our doors. The county is reviewing safety of all schools. Parents won't be able to go through building. The door will be closed during dismissal. It will be open during intake. Safety drills - a few weeks ago we had a yellow, red, and red with active intruder drill. During 2nd 9 weeks kids become independent and walk to classroom independently. That will go home in newsletter the 2nd nine weeks. Amber Haslett explained that there are people stationed throughout the halls and teachers at their doors so students won't get lost.


Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports is what PBIS stands for. We make positive deposits daily.

Hilltop Operational Projects

We need about $100,000 to complete these projects if anyone wants to help. We have $63,000.

Communication Marquis - digital

Playground equipment - ours has been here since school opened.

Technology Instruction/ communication $17,000

Outdoor seating (3rd-5th already have this)

Teacher/student celebrations incentives

Mr. Parsons came to her recently and said we are tired of borrowing another schools stage - to purchase one is $10,000.


Thank you for being a part of our first School council meeting. Parents - any concerns you want to share?

Shayla Cantysmith asked if we have gifted and the process for that. Dr. Bennett explained that gifted started in 1st grade and that all students take a screener at the end of the year. Based on the results they are recommended for testing. She explained the GTE classroom has some high achieving students to complete the class depending on how many gifted identified students are in the class. The GTE classes have accelerated and faster learning. The learning is deeper with a wider range of genres.

Dr. Glover asked that parents get more parents to come to School Council meetings. The letter they received had the meeting dates for the entire year - Wednesday, December 5, 2018; Wednesday, March 6, 2019; and Tuesday, May 7, 2019. All meetings are at 7:30 a.m.

PTO needs volunteers. We welcome parents and volunteers in our school but we have to follow procedures.

Mrs. Story said that the book fair is from 9/28 - 10/5. We need volunteers. Wendy Wood will send out sign up genius for volunteers to sign up.

Sawyer said that the Big Top Literacy and Math day is October 4th lower grades are in the morning and upper grades will be in the afternoon. Teachers will share strategies. Please invite everyone. This will be very nice. Feel free to stay and have lunch with your child that day as well.

Amber Haslett made motion to close. Sandy Sawyer seconded motion.