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Hilltop Elementary School Council

March 6, 2019

The Hilltop Elementary School Council met in regular session on March 6, 2019, at 7:37 a.m. in the media center at the school.

School Council Members Present:

Dr. Ovedia Glover, Principal

Dr. Ruth Bennett, Assistant Principal of Instruction

Shannon Grieshop, Teacher

Brian Fleming, Parent

Call to Order

Dr. Glover made motion to call meeting to order at 7:37 a.m. Shannon Grieshop seconded.

School - Wide Projects

We have the money collected through fundraising throughout this year in a reserve account and it is not being touched so that it will be used for playground and digital marquis.

Business Partner Meeting

Last Thursday, Dr. Glover and Dr. Bennett met with Tidal Wave, Dr. Lomboy, Dr. Baggett, and Kimbrow with Investments to discuss the need for the community and how we can move forward with sponsors and fundraisers.

Some possible ideas that they brought back and shared with staff members:

-          Art Canvas - hand print that says last elementary year to be sold for about $25 each.

-          5th grade collage of all students names where the kids sign and parents bid on this and one parent wins in the auction.

-          Tidal Wave manager is going to come and discuss a car wash fundraiser. The tickets are $10 for a $20 wash and we get 50% ($5.00) for each ticket sold.

-          Boosterthon Fun Run - We get 40% of the proceeds that students collect for running in the Fun Run. Last year we earned about $8,000. Some schools do as much as $20,000.

We are having a 5K in May. We are going to try to get a business to sponsor the shirts and charge $25 registration fee.

We need $50,000 for playground equipment.

We are considering doing a Family Fun Day on the playground with family competitions after the 5K on May 18th. We would have a poster of our new playground for people to see. We would sell concessions and charge admission.

We must have our order in by April 1st to get scheduled to have the playground built. Since this is a large purchase we must get a bid.

Drama is going to perform another play in May which go towards funding the stage.

Playground and digital marquis is the priority. Some schools have been able to advertise on their marquis. She will check on this.

State Assessments

Georgia Milestones are in April from the 8th to the 29th. 5th grade will take ELA and Math the first week of April. 3rd grade will take ELA and Math from the 15th to the 19th. 4th grade will take ELA and Math the following week. The last week, 5th will take Science and Social Studies.

They are trying to keep primary hall as normal as possible during the testing weeks. They need proctors for the testing. They will complete the testing in the mornings. We are in a good place with technology and student use because they can test in the mornings while they are at their best.

Projections - Last year we added 1 additional slot for teachers due to population. This year we see no changes thus far.

Job Fair - Some teachers are staying and some are leaving. Some have requested to go to other grade levels. They had over 120 candidates come through Hilltop at the Job Fair. 50 or more were very good applicants. Dr. Glover and Dr. Bennett interviewed teachers on Monday with the top scores. They hope to get final word on hiring them tomorrow. We can see an increase coming due to the building in the community. As of now we may move teacher slots in house but we are not losing any to another school.

August, 2020 - the new elementary school on Thompson Mill Road will open. We aren't expecting that to pull from Hilltop. They will be pulling more from Matt Arthur and Bonaire Elementary.


Mrs. Grieshop made motion to close. Dr. Glover seconded motion.