Hilltop Players – Drama Club

Faculty Sponsor/Contact: Shannon Grieshop

Membership Requirements: Hilltop Players is our drama production club provided for students of all
grade levels. Rehearsals will be on Wednesdays from 4-5 pm. There will be some Saturday
rehearsals as we get closer to the performance date. Attendance, good grades and SOARing
behavior is expected to participate in the HES Players club.

Financial obligation/fees: There is no upfront cost for Hilltop Players, but there are some expenses for
costumes needed for the production.

Mission/purpose: Through the theatrical arts, it is the club’s aim to promote positive social interaction
and a safe environment for learning. While we strive to foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts, we
also acknowledge the educational power of theatre. Theatre has the capacity to bring about change,
provide a cathartic experience, and unify a community.

As members of the Hilltop Players, we will learn to think creatively and critically. We will do our best
to reap the benefits of this club by supporting each other, challenging ourselves, and striving to do
our best, both on and off stage.

Planned activities: There will be one spring production in March